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Unvaccinated Belgian care workers face the sack
Unvaccinated Belgian care workers face the sack

[Image: 510a24a7-018b-4a51-aabd-570a5dabcfa5.jpg]

Staff in Belgium's health and social care sector have been told they will be fired if they fail to get Covid vaccinations by 1 April 2022.

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Anyone who has not yet had a jab by the new year will be moved away from frontline care and given three months to get vaccinated, under the proposed law.

Like much of Europe, Belgium has seen a surge in cases and several areas are seeing record numbers of Covid hospital admissions.

On Monday Austria imposed a lockdown on anyone who had not yet been vaccinated. Now Belgian ministers have reached agreement on compulsory jabs for thousands of care workers.

"It can't be right that there is still a small minority that haven't been vaccinated," said Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. "We're giving these people until 1 April next year to get themselves vaccinated.

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